Savor the timeless pleasure of Jah's Java 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It's authenticity is exquisite, aromatic and among the most sought after coffee in the world. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans are of high quality, thus the hardness. the high altitude and steep grade of the Blue Mountain growing region make this coffee difficult and expensive to harvest.

 Jus Bee Pure Jamaican honey is considered to be one of the best in the world because of its Jamaican abundant floral, and nutrient rich plants that flourish there, many of which are exclusive to the island, resulting in honey that's high in antioxidants and flavor.

When you buy coffee and honey from Jascoff Shop, you know you're getting authentic Jamaican products.

At Jascoff Shop, products are shipped and or brought in the USA directly from Jamaica, as we have direct contact with suppliers, who supplies us with our products. Our suppliers are licensed and registered with the Jamaica Agriculture Board and are USDA approved.

Our mission at Jascoff Shop is to always make sure our customers are getting authentic products, so that they can enjoy a little bit of Jamaica.

Jascoff Shop

Growing up in Jamaica, I became accustomed to delicious coffee and the taste of pure raw honey. After migrating to the USA, and especially the area of Ohio where I currently reside, I realized that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is not readily available, and if available, it's not authentic (usually its blended). I have also never came across any honey from Jamaica.

In wanting to share the deliciousness of my culture, I've decided to import and small batch roast Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and Jamaica's pure wild crafted honey. 

Coffee  produced in Jamaica is known for its refine flavors, clean taste and silky mouth feel. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are unique habitat of high elevation, tropical mountains with rich soil and high rainfall, perfect for growing coffee.

The coffee that I roast is sourced from family operations, organically grown in the mountains of Jamaica and sustainably harvested.

The lush mountains of Jamaica also produce the wild flowers for  bees to make some of the most flavorful honey in the world. Our honey is raw, organic and wild crafted. I personally know the apiary for more than 20 yrs. The beekeepers dedication to authenticity and quality is unsurpassed.

Awaken your taste buds with the finest Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and Raw wild flower Honey, produced by Jamaican bees.

( Note: due to seasonal changes of the wild flowers, different batches of honey will have different flavors, which are all quite delicious.)

Our coffee is 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, never blended. Small batch roast is more precise to ensure the highest quality. Our honey is organic and our bees are never fed sugar or any other artificial sweetener .    

32234 Orchard Knoll Dr. Lisbon OH 44432

32234 Orchard Knoll Dr. Lisbon OH 44432